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Permanent Recruitment

Henley Morgan specialises exclusively in SAP Business One recruitment. This niche focus enables our technically proficient recruitment consultants to always be sourcing the best SAP Business One professionals in the world for you.

Our philosophy is to understand your overall business needs and objectives, enabling us to attract, engage and retain the best talent for your organisation as it grows.  

We invest in building long lasting relationships with our clients, so that we can manage all of your SAP Business One recruitment needs, allowing you to focus on your business.  

Recruitment process

Our approach to every recruitment project is unique; we aim to find out what works best for you and tailor our processes to your needs.

We work long hours to ensure we do not miss any SAP Business One talent that could be successful for your business. 


We perform all initial telephone screening and can also assist you in any other interview processes that may make the recruitment process simpler and less time consuming for you. 

Marketing and Advertising 

With our extensive database of SAP Business One professionals, we are able to source candidates for you that are not accessible anywhere else. 

Our website has an exceptional advertising platform and we also work with all the major job boards and social media sites to ensure your recruitment needs are being seen by the right candidates. 

Why hire Permanent Staff?

There are several benefits for an employer hiring a permanent SAP Business One employee, including:

  1. Expertise: A permanent SAP Business One employee will have extensive knowledge and experience in the use and implementation of the software. This expertise can be invaluable in ensuring the software is utilised to its fullest potential and that any issues are addressed quickly and effectively.

  2. Continuity: When hiring a permanent employee, employers can ensure continuity of knowledge and skills. This means that the employee will be familiar with the company's processes and procedures, and will be able to maintain and improve the SAP Business One system over time.

  3. Cost-effectiveness: While hiring a permanent employee may require an initial investment, in the long run, it can be more cost-effective than hiring temporary staff or outsourcing the work to contractors. A permanent employee can provide a consistent level of service at a predictable cost.

  4. Customisation: A permanent SAP Business One employee can work closely with the company to customize the software to meet their specific needs. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity, as well as improved customer satisfaction.

  5. Training: A permanent employee can provide ongoing training to staff on the use of the software, ensuring that everyone is able to use it effectively. This can reduce the risk of errors and increase the overall effectiveness of the system.

  6. Responsiveness: A permanent SAP Business One employee is readily available to respond to any issues or problems that may arise with the software. This can lead to faster resolution times and improved customer satisfaction.

Overall, hiring a permanent SAP Business One employee can provide a range of benefits to employers, including expertise, continuity, cost-effectiveness, customisation, training, and responsiveness.

For more information on how we could work with you as your recruitment partner, please contact uson 0207 096 0211 or register your details with us today.

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